Oklahoma Strong Receives the BBB Torch Award


We were chosen by the Better Business Bureau for the 2016 Best Company for Ethics award. We are very proud to have received this award and very thankful for the BBB for recognizing our hard work.

Oklahoma Strong Receives the BBB Torch Award

Award Presenter:  This is your show. Absolutely, this is your show, because we had 36 applicants this year for our Torch Awards, which is the most we've ever had as a Better Business Bureau. For us, that just says so much about what this award means to businesses. We are honored and so proud of you all for being able to achieve this award.

Especially, as somebody who has not been accredited with BBB for all that long, it's a really tremendous honor, and we are so excited for you. We're also excited to have you as a BBB‑accredited business because roofing is an industry where we see a lot of scams and we see a lot of people being taken advantage of.

We have really great organizations like yours to point to, to say, "This is the example that other roofing companies should set, and all companies in every industry should set." It's a great thing for us. Thank you for being a part of BBB, and what you do for our community, and how you make econ in Central Oklahoma better.

Award Recipient:  We really appreciate that, and I do have a comment or two. The BBB is absolutely, by far, the most respected source of information for anybody in the State of Oklahoma. There's a lot of services that have come out of it.

The BBB is over a hundred years old. The people that we deal with, which are the older individuals, they understand the BBB like they understand Green Stamps.


Award Recipient:  It's where you go. To be part of that, we feel a huge responsibility to do our job right every single time, whether somebody's looking or not looking. We want to be transparent all the time, whether somebody's looking or not looking.

Insurance companies can come in and scrutinize our work. The customers, the files are open to them. All of our employees have access to the commissions that they make.

If you're a hundred percent transparent, and you want to keep the reputation of the organization that supports you in good standing, we feel a responsibility towards that ourselves. We're just tickled to death to be on board with you guys too.

Award Presenter:  Thank you. I appreciate that. Here's your Torch Award officially.

Award Recipient:  Yes. Thank you.



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