New Ventilation Made All The Difference


This client speaks openly about what made him decide to work with Oklahoma Strong Roofing & Construction.

New Ventilation Made All The Difference

Brad:  Hi, this is Brad over here of Oklahoma Strong Roofing & Construction. I have one of our latest customers, Jason Mitchell, here in Yukon. We completed his job, and I'd like to get what's called a post construction interview and just have you speak from the heart, Jason, on what you thought about our performance as a company and I guess maybe what you saw from others and how do you rate us.

Jason Mitchell:  Absolutely. Again, my name is Jason Mitchell and I really was trying to find a company...Obviously all my neighbors we're doing their roofs, and I knew that I needed to look into it, but I didn't want somebody that would just going to come by and throw a number at me.

I wanted to find somebody, so I did some research. I looked around in some of the jobs, and I saw some signs from Oklahoma Strong, and decided to have them out. I'll tell you, Brad did an excellent job of explaining the process, explaining the materials, getting us the options. There wasn't any kind of forcing us to look at any particular thing.

He gave us all the options, told us what we could do. I explained everything and threw a lot of questions. My wife and I, by doing our house, we're very specific people, so we like to look at all options, and so we decided to go with Oklahoma Strong because of the thoroughness that they provided.

The crew came out and did the job. Possibly it was one of the hottest days of the year. Very easily could've come out and enforced that really quick to get out of the heat, but they took their time and did the job right. It did take a little bit longer, but it was a lot better to have it done right than fast.

We really appreciated that and everything throughout the entire process, with dealing with the insurance, to the insulation and the aftercare that they provided. The cleanup was excellent. The crew was very professional, and I can only say kind words regarding Oklahoma Strong.

Brad:  That's great. One thing I would like you to speak to as we are what we like to call ourselves, because we are certified as ventilation experts, and we came out to your house, we realized that the ventilation was lacking on your roof. We did some upgrades on your ventilation, and I think you told me you had some good results from that already.

Jason:  Yes. One of the concerns we had was, especially in the summer time, our home got very warm, and we looked at everything and we thought it was our air conditioning. The air conditioning checked out fine and realized that perhaps we didn't have enough ventilation in our attic.

At one point we realized that our attic was about 126 degrees, and so looking at it we had the standard vent without any kind of additional access, so we went to look and made sure that we have the best options. We looked at everything. We decided to go, instead of replacing the six turtle vents, we went with...


Brad:  Jason had some turtles on the roof which are very, very ineffective type of ventilation processes. We are ventilation certified experts, and we took some charts, we figured out that it would've taken, I think, 13 turtles to do that.

Jason:  Yeah, we really were concerned about the temperature because we've looked at the garage before and it'd been 126 degrees in the attic, and so we wanted to see what we could do to help cool down the entire house.

Rather than replacing the turtles, we decided to go with the turbine type vents, and we're able to replace it with two of those. Now looking at the temperatures, we've gone up in the attic since then on days that are actually hotter and we've never been above 100 degrees.

One day for instance, we actually compared it to inside the garage it was 92 degrees, whereas in the attic it was only 98. There was a pretty significant difference by adding the ventilation in reducing the temperature in our home.

Brad:  I think it's so much prettier now as opposed to...I call those turbines, they're good looking. The turtles are ugly appendages and having 6 to 10 of those on your roof just really takes away from the beauty.

Jason:  It really does. We were very pleased. We're able to put the turbines in a location in the back of the house, so really you have to be in the backyard to actually notice them, but yet they still get plenty of ventilation.

We always check. We like to go out and look in the backyard and see them spinning because we know that's hot air that's leaving our attic. We really like the appearance. We're able to eliminate additional I would even think holes in your attic to cause possible issues later on, so we're very pleased with the ventilation.

Brad:  That's great. Thank you for putting your trust in us, and I'm glad that you're satisfied with the work.

Jason:  Absolutely. Thank you so much.

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