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Oklahoma Strong Roofing & Construction Case Studies: Too Many Layers on this Roof! Roof Replacement in Braman, OK

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 by Devin Grba


This job started like most of our jobs, with a thorough inspection of the roof for any damage to the structure or shingles. This roof was severely beaten by hail and had missing shingles, dents, and holes in the siding and gutters, as well as damage in many other areas of the roof. The inspection of the roof went smoothly and we assessed the damage to give to the customer's insurance company. What we found once we started working on the job is what really surprised us.

We began the job by ripping off the existing damaged shingles., but when the first layer came off, we were surprised to find that there was a second layer of shingles underneath the first. This is a very strange thing for a roof to have, as there only needs to be a single layer of shingles after the starting materials are placed. We were even more confused when we pulled up the second layer to reveal a THIRD layer of asphalt shingles, and under that the fourth layer of shingles that were the original wooden shingles built onto the house. None of the shingles on the home had any of the starting material laid down, so when the holes were poked in the layers of shingles, water could leak through effortlessly. We reasoned that the cause of these stacks of shingles must have been other roofers who just piled on more shingles whenever the roof needed to be fixed. This was definitely a Frankenstein of a roof repair.


To fix this major problem, our crew had to completely restart the roofing process by pulling up the base layer of wood panelling and building our own. After there was a fresh new base to the roof, our crew was able to put on the starting base layers seal out any water. We also replaced the ancient metal W valley with a water tight rubber one. We also fixed some issues with loose metal chimney skirts by replacing them with brand new ones, sealed tight by an expert caulking job! There was a metal square area of the roof that we also replaced, and ended up giving it an asphalt to layer, letting it blend beautifully with the rest of the roof. This roof was denied much-needed repairs many times by insufficient roofers, and we are glad that we were able to fix the roof the right way, and put and end to the shoddy patch-up jobs that had happened before.

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